Better UI contains a lot of functionality. Probably you have it because of one or two features. So, follow these Questions to find the documentation relevant for you.


  • Do you need Third Party Asset integration?
    • Yes, Text Mesh Pro: See TextMesh Pro Support
    • Yes, another asset: Please send me an email: salomon <at> therabytes <dot> de
    • No: Nothing to do.

Smart Resizing

  • Do you want to make your UI adaptive for any resolution?
    • Yes!
      • You need to set the anchors of your UI Elements. Use the Snap Anchors tool for that.
      • You probably want to change several variables from pixel sizes to relative sizes... To do that:
        • Decide for a Optimized Reslolution (also talk about that with your artist) and enter that value to the Fallback of the Resolution Monitor.
        • Convert the UI Elements where you want the smart resizing to the Better pendant (See "Make Better" Workflow)
        • Probably that is already enough! But if it doesn't resize as expected, change the settings in the Size Modifiers of the better element (maybe the Max Size hinders your element to become big enough).
      • To check your scene with different resolutions quickly, you may want to use the Pick Resolutions tool.
    • No: Nothing to do.

  • Do you want "Responsive Design" (so that your UI changes according to certain screen properties, like orientation or size)?
    • Yes!
      • You need to define which screen configurations you want to support. If it is more than Landscape and Portrait, read about the Resolution Monitor and its screen configurations carefully and set it up for your project.
      • In several Better Elements you can have different settings for each screen configuration. These settings are called Size Config Collections.
      • You probably want to have certain elements at different locations for your screen configurations. Use the Better Locator to achieve this.
      • Sometimes you want to show or hide certain objects for certain screen configurations. Use the Game Object Activator to do that.
      • Note that Better Layout Elements usually have size config collections for their settings. You can chang the direction of a Better Axis Aligned Layout Group per screen configuration for example. 
    • No...
      • You maybe want to remove the Landscape Screen Configuration from the Resolution Monitor and rename the default configuration. However, this is not a must.

  • Can the Resolution and / or Orientation of your app change during runtime?

Better Visualization

  • Do you want to Change the appearance of an Better Image or Better Raw Image?
    • Yes:
      • You can make horizontal or vertical Gradients by chaning the Color Mode.
      • You can select a Pre-Defined Material from the drop down or select "Custom" to assign your own material.
        • You can also change the blend mode (Material Effect) of the Pre-Defined Materials. 
          Note: this is currently not supported for all versions of Unity.
    • No: Nothing to do