Before upgrading Better UI in your project, make sure you have a backup of the current state of your project (If you use source control, make sure everything is committed. If not using source control, make a copy of your project folder).


To upgrade from Better UI 1.x to the latest version follow these steps:

  1. Open an empty Scene (File -> New Scene).
  2. Delete the folder “Assets/TheraBytes/BetterUI”.
  3. Follow the Installation Guide.

Upgrade Notes for version 2.3

  • If you see a compile error, delete the editor file


  • The spacing for existing BetterScrollRects might be overwritten after importing the Better UI v2.3.
    Please check your BetterScrollRects before importing and assign the right values again after import.
  • Any Better(Raw)Images with a Grayscale material assigned will not appear grayscale after import.
    Change the Material to something else and back to Grayscale to fix it.
    If this does not fix it, delete


and try the material change again.

  • Unity 5.4 is not officially supported anymore. The minimum Unity version for Better UI is 5.5 now.
    Most features will also work with Unity 5.4 though. If you are upgrading a Unity 5.4 project, do not import the shader files of Better UI 2.3.