Upgrade Note

If you have an earlier version of Better UI installed in your project, follow the Upgrade Guide first.


To install Better UI, simply download it from the Asset Store with Unity and press the import button.

Then import everything.


After import, the Setup Wizard should appear automatically. Please take the time and configure Better UI for your project using that Wizard.

If it doesn't appear, open it manually: Tools -> Better UI -> Settings -> Setup Wizard

Restriction Note: Canvas Scaler

The Resizing-features of Better UI only works if your Canvas Scaler is set to "Constant Pixel Size". The other modes would result in unexpected final sizes. If you want to use a different Canvas Scale mode (which is actually not necessary, if you work with the Snap Anchors Tool) you would need to expand the "Size Modification" sections of any Better UI Element you are using which has resizing options and remove all Size Modification entries there.