You can implement Tabs behavior easily by using Better Toggles with the Object Activeness Transition for On / Off.

Here is step by step what to do:

  1. Create a game object inside your Canvas called "Tabs" and another at the same hierarchy level called "Tabs Content".
  2. Add as many Toggles as Childs of "Tabs" as you need, Make them Better and design them in a way that they look like tabs.
  3. Add a Toggle Group component to "Tabs" and assign this toggle group to each Better Toggle in the "Group" field.
  4. Add as many Game Objects as Childs of "Tabs Content" as you have tabs (inside you can design the content of the tab).
  5. In every Better Toggle add a "Better Toggle Transition (On / Off)" and set it to Object Activeness.
  6. Assign the corresponding Content object to the transition and make sure that "On" is checked and "Off" is not checked.

Check out the Example Scene to see it live in action.

In the Example scene the "Tabs" is equal to Canvas -> TabArea -> Tab Grid and "Tabs Content" is equal to Canvas -> Example Content.