Better Text Mesh Pro UGUI also has a Font Sizer to adjust the font size according to the current resolution.

Text Mesh Pro UGUI has a margin for the text. Of course, this margin will be represented by a sizer object on the better pendant (to scale the margin with the resolution).

Like Better Text it provides the Fitting Modes “Sizer Only”, “Stay In Bounds” (default) and “Best Fit”. The logic behind works a bit different here but the behavior is similar.

Sizer Only

The Font Sizer is responsible for the Font size. It scales with the resolution but doesn’t do any fitting stuff.

Stay in Bounds (default)

The size is affected by the Font Sizer. But if the text wouldn't fit inside its bounds anymore the size is reduced to fit in.

Internally “Auto Size” of Text Mesh Pro UGUI is enabled. The “Min” value can be adjusted with a sizer. The “Max” value is the value of the Font Sizer.

Best Fit

Equal to the "Auto Size" option of Text Mesh Pro UGUI. The text will grow or shrink to fit inside the bounds. The Min Size and Max Size values can be adjusted with the corresponding Sizer objects which appear in this mode.

Hidden Properties

  • fontSize
  • fontSizeMin
  • fontSizeMax
  • margin