Version 2.2

  • Minor Changes
    • SerializedPropertyExtensions allowing also ScriptableObjects now instead of Components only, so they can be used by the end-user in more flexible ways now.
    • Anchor Override, Size Delta Sizer and Transform Scaler disable affected properties in RectTransform now.
    • Resolution Picker Editor-UI improvements
  • Bug Fixes
    • Resolution Picker can create resolutions of screen configurations now also in Unity 2017.3+.
    • Game Window doesn't recreate itself anymore.
    • Game Window is not focused after re-compile anymore if Resolution Picker is open.
    • Better Locator "Auto Pull" also work in Prefab Scene now.
    • Anchor Override also work correctly now if the pivot of the parent object is being changed.
    • Anchor Override updating logic fixed.
    • Anchor Override doesn't throw NullReferenceExceptions in certain situations anymore.

Version 2.1

  • Features
  • Minor changes
    • not found screen configs are marked in the inspector
    • Improved Resolution Monitor Inspector
    • Added Upgrade button for transitions in Unity 2019+
    • Changed TextMesh Pro inspector to have less trouble with different versions of Unity and TextMesh Pro
  • Bug Fixes
    • Screen Configs where not evaluated on start of a build (responsive design didn't work without IngameResolutionMonitor)
    • Color Transitions had a color multiplier of 0 instead of 1 after upgrading from Better UI 1.x

Version 2.0

(Major version change because of huge changes and additional upgrade steps)

  • Responsive Design: Design your app for different screen sizes, types and / or orientations!
    • Screen Configurations introduced to define supported screens
    • All controls updated to support all screen configurations
    • "Better Locator" introduced to place elements differently on different screens
  • Better Layouts: All layout components have "better" versions now
    • Especially the "Better Content Size Fitter" has a lot of extra functionality.
  • Tools UI improvements
  • Color Overlay material for "Better (Raw) Image".
  • A lot of smaller improvements and fixes

Version 1.2

  • Better Raw Image added with Gradient and Material options like in Better Image
  • Align and Distribute Window added
  • Snap Anchors Window: Bugfix regarding point and pivot mode with parent checkbox enabled
  • minor refactoring

Version 1.1.2

  • Animation of shader properties stored in vertex information more intuitive (Hue, Saturation, Brightness -- compatible with animations of version 1.1)
  • Added some predefined Blending Effects to all Better UI shaders: Normal, Additive, Color Dodge, Multiply
  • Added a "Standard" Material which is like the Default material but can have assigned an Effect (see above)
  • Added a Transition for shader properties stored in vertex information (Hue, Saturation, Brightness)

(version 1.1.1 was not released)

Version 1.1

  • Text Mesh Pro support! (Text, InputField and Dropdown)
  • Gradients for Images (Horizonal and vertical. interpolates between 2 colors)
  • Material System for Images with two performance optimized Materials:
    • Grayscale
    • Hue Saturation Brightness (Shared Material between all images but values can be set individually)
  • Custom Materials for Images can be cloned inside the inspector (no need to make a copy in the project window)
  • Minimum Unity version is 5.4 now (it was Unity 5.5 before). However, it compiles also for Unity 5.3 and probably most features also work there.
  • Default Scaler Size modifiers changed to scale uniform
  • Toggle Transition logic improved to work better with normal transitions on the same object
  • Fixes in anchor positioning logic of Snap Anchors window
  • Snap Anchors window has buttons with pictures now
  • Warnings eliminated
  • General refactoring of the code base

Version 1.0

Initial release