The Better Scroll Rect is extending the normal Scroll Rect.

Start Positions

The Better Scroll Rect provides two extra fields: Horizontal Start Position and Vertical Start Position.

The Scrollbar will jump to that (relative) position on start.

If you have horizontal / vertical Scrollbars assigned, you can inject the current value of them by a click on the button below the respective start position slider.

In the background a Coroutine is started which waits a frame before changing the positions. Therefore, it is not possible in this version of Better UI to have the position change in edit mode.


This implementation may change in a future version of Better UI by changing the pivot point of the scroll view.

Scollbar Spacing

Introduced in Better UI 2.3

If the Visibility of the Horizontal and / or Vertical Scrollbar is set to "Auto Hide And Expand Viewport" a sizer configuration for the scollbar spacing appears in the lower section of the component. This will override the Spacing entry next to the Visibility (that cannot be changed anymore directly).

The resizing component will adjust the spacing relative to the screen resolution. If you want to have a fixed spacing as before, remove the modification after expanding the "Size Modification" section of the scrollbar spacing sizer box.

Hidden Properties

  • horizontalScrollbarSpacing
  • verticalScrollbarSpacing